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Rectangle Shape Cushion
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Supportive Cushion

We take a large piece of rectangular foam and, with the help of sophisticated machines, cut it in a triangular shape with a sharp incline to give it a wedge shape. You can use wedge shape foam to create wedge pillows, replacing upholstery cushioning, elevating mattresses, daybed bolsters, and other decorative & protecting delicate items. Wedge shape foam is mainly used to treat acid reflux. Acid is confined to the lower half of the body by raising the upper torso on the wedge. It enables you to tailor your body to your requirements. It results in a more restful night's sleep. We can custom cut your wedge in several foam kinds and firmnesses to meet your needs and give maximum comfort. You can use wedge shape foam to raise seats to make them levellers. It improves the comfort of chair and sofa foam cushions. Also, in jewellery stores and event display cases to present goods from a more attractive perspective. You can also use a wedge shape foam as a backstop against the headboard of a bed. It enables you to sit up comfortably while leaning back on the foam wedge. In addition, you can utilise it to keep patients from turning over in bed.
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