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Rectangle Shape Cushion
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Foam packaging provides superior protection for delicate items during transportation and storage. The foam's cushioning effect absorbs shocks and vibrations, preventing damage to the contents. Available in sheets, peanuts, or custom shapes, it can be tailored to fit various products and packaging designs. Its lightweight nature keeps shipping costs down, while its resilience ensures reusable value. From electronics to fragile glassware, foam packaging is a versatile and economical choice for businesses and individuals alike. Its adaptable nature makes it a preferred choice across different industries.

  • Small

    Often 12x12 inches sheets or customized shapes, perfect for small fragile items.

  • Medium

    Standard 24x24 inches, suitable for medium-sized products, offers excellent protection.

  • Large

    Around 36x36 inches or custom-fitted, ideal for large or delicate products, ensuring safety.