Gym / Yoga mats

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Rectangle Shape Cushion
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Gym / Yoga mats

Foam gym and yoga mats are essential tools for fitness enthusiasts. Offering cushioning and support, they protect the body during various exercises and stretches. The foam's thickness can be selected based on personal comfort preferences, ranging from softer options for yoga to firmer ones for high-intensity workouts. The foam's textured surface provides grip and stability, preventing slipping during movements. Lightweight and easily portable, these mats can be carried to the gym, park, or used at home. Made from durable materials, they are designed to withstand regular use, making them a reliable and valuable addition to your fitness routine.

  • Small

    Often 60x24 inches, suitable for simple stretching exercises or compact storage.

  • Medium

    Standard size of 72x24 inches, perfect for general yoga or fitness routines.

  • Large

    Around 84x36 inches, provides extra space for more intensive workouts or tall individuals.