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Rectangle Shape Cushion
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Foam soundproofing is a highly effective solution for controlling noise in various environments such as studios, theaters, or home spaces. Acoustic foam panels are engineered to absorb sound waves, reducing echo and background noise. Available in different patterns and thicknesses, these panels can be customized to suit the specific acoustical needs of a room. Not only functional, but they also come in different colors and designs to match the aesthetics of the space. Ideal for sound professionals or anyone seeking a quieter living environment, foam acoustic panels represent a blend of technical excellence and design versatility.

  • Small

    Around 12x12 inches, perfect for spot treatment or small room applications.

  • Medium

    Standard size of 24x24 inches, ideal for general room soundproofing.

  • Large

    Measuring 48x48 inches or customized, suitable for professional studios or large spaces