Perfect Blend of Support & Relaxation

Polyurethane Foam (HIGH-DENSITY)

Often referred to as poly foam, Polyurethane Foam is the most common form of mattress foam. Widely used as the upper comfort layer in mattresses, Polyurethane foam ensures durable protection. Hence, you'll find it in upholstered furniture, automobile seats, kitchen items & medical inserts. Polyurethane Foam is in high demand as it's soft, inexpensive, potentially durable, versatile & responsive.

High-Density Polyurethane Foam
High-Density Memory Foam

Your Excellent Sleep Destination

Memory Foam (HIGH-DENSITY)

NASA introduced memory foam in 1960 with the help of viscoelastic. It’s positively energy absorbent & soft. According to your body’s response to heat & pressure, high-density memory foam mold ensures your body weight distributes evenly. It also regains its original shape the moment you remove stress. Memory foam mattresses help you in pressure point relief.

The Most Iconic Sleeping Experience

100% Latex Mattress

Latex is the most well-known due to its durability & relaxation. Latex adheres to a body more than memory foam; it also melts quickly. It's eco-friendly as it comes from the sap of rubber trees. Hence it doesn't contain any harmful synthetic chemicals. People buy a natural latex foam mattress due to its longer-life, firmness & adequate sleeping position support.

Latex Mattress
Dunlop Mattress

Dunlop Changes Your Life For Better

100% Dunlop of Latex

Dunlop is the purest form of the latex available & its process uses less energy & water. It’s less elastic & bouncy but flexible. Dunlop has no harsh chemicals, off-gassing, dust-mite Resistant, Hypoallergenic, Sleeps Cooler, Pressure Point Relief - reduces pain and durable.

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