Acid-reflux support

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Rectangle Shape Cushion
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Acid-reflux support

Foam wedges designed for acid-reflux support elevate the upper body, helping to prevent the discomfort associated with reflux and heartburn. The inclination assists gravity in keeping stomach acids down, thus providing relief during sleep. Made from quality foam that offers both softness and support, these wedges are designed to fit various body types and bed sizes. The foam's resilience ensures that the wedge maintains its shape over time, providing consistent support. With removable and washable covers, these foam supports combine medical functionality with ease of use, making them an essential aid for those struggling with reflux.

  • Small

    Often 24x24 inches, suitable for mild elevation, perfect for compact beds.

  • Medium

    Around 30x30 inches, offers more support for managing reflux symptoms during sleep.

  • Large

    Measuring 36x36 inches, provides significant elevation, ideal for severe reflux conditions.