Back cushions

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Rectangle Shape Cushion
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Back cushions

Foam back cushions are designed to support the lumbar region, promoting healthy posture and alleviating back pain. By fitting the curve of the spine, they offer targeted support where it's needed most. Available in memory foam that adapts to the body's shape or more rigid foam for structured support, these cushions cater to various needs. Used in office chairs, car seats, or lounge furniture, they enhance comfort and prevent strain during prolonged sitting. Their lightweight and portable design make them a convenient accessory in daily life. With various cover options, foam back cushions combine functionality with style.

  • Small

    Around 12x16 inches, portable lumbar support for chairs or car seats

  • Medium

    Approximately 14x20 inches, versatile support for various seating surfaces.

  • Large

    Often 16x24 inches, offers additional support for larger chairs or specific needs.