Cat beds

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Rectangle Shape Cushion
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Cat beds

Foam cat beds provide a cozy retreat for your feline companion. Cats love to curl up, and the soft foam core of these beds offers a snug and warm space for them to relax. Available in different shapes and sizes, they can be selected to match your cat's sleeping habits. The foam's insulating properties retain warmth, making it especially appealing during colder months. Whether placed on a windowsill or in a quiet corner, foam cat beds offer a luxurious feel that your cat will adore. Durable and easy to clean, these beds are a perfect combination of comfort and convenience.

  • Small

    Around 16 inches in diameter, cozy for kittens or small cats, with plush comfort.

  • Medium

    Approximately 20 inches in diameter, suitable for adult cats, offers space to curl up.

  • Large

    Measuring 24 inches or more, perfect for larger cats or multiple feline friends.