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Circle Shape Cushion
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Circle Cushion

A circle cushion, also known as a meditation cushion, is a type of cushion that is popularly used in yoga and meditation practices. This cushion is designed to provide comfort and support to the user's hips and lower back during prolonged periods of sitting or kneeling, which is common during these practices. A circle cushion is also frequently used by individuals who suffer from back pain, as it promotes proper posture and spinal alignment. Overall, a circle cushion is an essential accessory for anyone seeking to improve their physical and mental well-being through meditation and yoga.

  • Small

    The most popular small size for circle foam cushions is typically around 12 inches in diameter. This size is commonly used for smaller seating cushions, decorative throw pillows, or as padding for chairs and stools.

  • Medium

    The most popular medium size for circle foam cushions is usually around 16 inches in diameter. This size is commonly ordered for larger seating cushions, floor cushions, or as supportive cushions for yoga and meditation.

  • Large

    The most popular large size for circle foam cushions is often around 20 inches in diameter. This larger size is frequently used for oversized seating cushions, lounge chair cushions, or as floor cushions for additional seating space.