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Rectangle Shape Cushion
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Foam pillows are versatile sleep aids that cater to various comfort preferences. Memory foam options are popular for their contouring effect, adapting to the head and neck, providing alignment and relieving pressure points. Latex foam offers a bouncier feel, while cooling gels can be combined with foam for temperature regulation. Different shapes and sizes cater to individual sleeping positions, be it side, back, or stomach sleeping. Hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, foam pillows are suitable for those with allergies. With options ranging from soft to firm, these pillows ensure a personalized and restorative sleep experience.

  • Small

    Typically 12x16 inches, ideal for travel or additional neck support.

  • Medium

    Standard size around 20x26 inches, suitable for most sleepers, balancing comfort and support.

  • Large

    Approximately 20x36 inches, provides extra comfort for side sleepers or lounging.