Majlis / Jalsa

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Rectangle Shape Cushion
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Majlis / Jalsa

Foam utilized in Majlis or Jalsa seating plays a vital role in enhancing comfort and aesthetics. These traditional Arabic seating arrangements require foam that offers flexibility, firmness, and durability. Available in various thicknesses and densities, the foam can be customized to match the interior decor and cultural requirements. Moreover, the foam's resilience ensures that the seating retains its shape and comfort over long periods. Whether it's a family gathering or an official meeting, the foam's quality and design contribute to a luxurious and comfortable experience, reflecting hospitality and tradition.

  • Small

    Often 18x18 inches, suitable for single seating or tight spaces, maintaining traditional comfort.

  • Medium

    Typically 24x24 inches, accommodating more spacious individual seating, offering more cushioning.

  • Large

    Around 30x30 inches, perfect for extended lounging or multiple guests, ensures luxury comfort.